Designed for construction companies

Created by construction professionals, ControlQore has been designed from real world financial management challenges experienced everyday in the construction industry. Our comprehensive solution brings unparalleled financial control and transparency to General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, & Controllers.

Business Account

Create unlimited corporate cards for your employees in a flash.

Corporate card

Create physical & virtual cards, track & approve expenses, control spend limits in real time.


Centralized location to manage project finances. Integrate with essential project management tools.

List Management

Manage your critical lists from one application. ie Projects, Vendors, Customers, Cost Codes, Employees, etc...


Store important vendor details, track costs per vendor, manage vendor relations with vendor portals.


Store important customer details, track customer transactions, provide project real-time status updates.


Manage employee roles and permissions, View assigned cards and tasks.


Real-time view of all items requiring users attention, approval, or completion.

Corporate Card

Greater control over
employee spending

Let's be honest, it can be scary handing an employee a corporate card.

Unlimited physical and virtual cards for employees

Choose to pre-fund your program

Actively protect against fraud

Control the where, when, and how your employees use their cards

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More Features
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Our Product is constantly being improved and expanded to meet the transactional needs of the industry. Keep an eye out for our new release announcements.