ControlQore Revolutionizes Expense Management For The Construction Industry

LAYTON, UT, MARCH 19, 2024

Today marks the official launch of ControlQore, a groundbreaking expense management platform specifically designed for the construction industry. Founded by construction industry veterans, ControlQore addresses the unique financial complexities faced daily by construction companies. The announcement also includes the unveiling of a new self-onboarding feature and ProCore integration, enhancing the platform's accessibility and efficiency.

The construction industry faces unique financial management challenges, including project-specific financials, job-costing, transaction documentation, and draw management. "ControlQore is not just another financial software; it’s a solution born out of necessity, tailored to meet the intricate demands of the construction industry," stated Caleb Smith, President of Revenue for ControlQore. "We built this platform to empower construction businesses with tools for better financial control, transparency, and operational efficiency."

The first release of the platform boasts enterprise-grade solutions covering expense management, corporate card management, and granular permission controls tailored to the construction industry. Transaction approval workflows keep project managers informed of all transactions being posted to their projects. Expense reporting tools can even split purchases across multiple projects. The application dashboard along with intuitive transaction coding has simplified expense reporting for all users across the platform. The newly introduced self-onboarding feature further simplifies the adoption process by allowing customers to start using the application within minutes.

Ensuring the delivery of the right product to the market necessitates the right technology implementation, ControlQore has adopted Microsoft as the company’s cloud solution provider. Unnikrishnan R, President of Product and Engineering shared “Our commitment to our customers includes taking the necessary measures to protect their data with the necessary compliance is a top priority. By leveraging the latest solutions, we consistently strive to maintain the quality, stability, and scalability of our platform.”

CEO Bryant Solomon, elaborated on the platform's benefits, "ControlQore's introduction is a pivotal moment for construction finance management. Our card and expense management feature is just the beginning. We're committed to continuous innovation, ensuring our clients have the most advanced tools at their disposal. Introducing self-onboarding and integrating with Procore furthers our appeal to both small and large firms."

ControlQore’s mission is to consolidate the financial technologies used by a construction company into a single platform. In the near future, clients can manage all aspects of their company and project finances from a single location. This unifying application will establish stability, visibility, and confidence in a company’s financial management.

With the launch of ControlQore’s innovative product and bold mission, the company is set to redefine financial management standards within the construction industry. We extend our gratitude to our community for their support and look forward to fostering stronger financial management practices industry-wide.

For construction companies eager to enhance their financial management and operational efficiency, visit to discover how ControlQore can transform your financial processes and for details on the new self-onboarding feature.

ControlQore is the premier expense management solution engineered for the construction industry. By leveraging extensive industry experience, ControlQore provides a robust platform designed to empower companies with the visibility and control needed to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

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